The Yoga of Sound

where art meets heart: mantra, raga, bhajan, and kirtan

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“Life is a song - sing it.”

― Sathya Sai Baba

The ancient Indian art of Raga is a spiritual practice in musical form. Drawing on her unique Indo-Trinidadian roots and years of study in Indian classical music, Rishima Bahadoorsingh will guide students through an exploration of the basic musical and spiritual principles of mantra, rāga, bhajan, and kirtan . These principles and practices can be a gateway to the realization of profound beauty, serenity and divine awareness in our lives.

Verses on musical sciences such as Raga and mantra chanting are recorded in the Vedas (1500 BCE – 500 BCE), the oldest Hindu scriptures. The chanting of mantras and hymns from the Rig Veda, and music from the Sama Veda was practiced by yogis, sadhus and the local community. Raga is considered a form of Nāda Yoga—the Yoga of Sound.

The word Yoga means “Union,” and by studying Nāda Yoga, we learn to use sound to achieve a deep sense of unity with nature and the divine.

Poetic themes of devotion, love, humanity, divinity, the natural cycle (seasons) and spiritual concepts are interwoven with Raga (melody) Tala (rhythm) and Bhava (emotion). These have the ability to take singers, musicians and listeners deeper within themselves, to reach states of love, peace and truth.

Listen here to you go deeper within yourself and experience states of love, peace and connection.

Meditate with Mantra,
go deeper with Raga
or sing with Bhajan.

Listen to my music

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