I have been learning and singing spiritual songs from a young age, in the Indian temple traditions of bhajans/kirtan. She later studied and performed formal music in both Western and Hindustani classical vocals. ​

I offer students an opportunity to experience what I have learned from years of study, lectures, and personal practice. Being an Indian living in the West provided me with an understanding of both worlds and the ability to make a connection between both. My aim is to provide students with the philosophical background, practical experience, and how to grow joy within through music.

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Intro to Nāda Yoga - Yoga of Sound (12 week course online)

The power of sound in the form of mantra, song, and music has been used as a tool for connection, healing and reaching higher states of consciousness since ancient times. In this course, I present an introduction to traditional Indian sound practices that can be incorporated in a personal yoga or meditation practice including mantra, rāga, and bhajan/kirtan.

Intro to North Indian Vocals and Rāga (4 month course online)

Begin your exploration of devotional music with classical North Indian (Hindustani and some Dhruapd) vocal techniques and melodies. These melodies are considered a spiritual practice that when sung, played, or listened to, bring you closer to the divine. You will learn sargam (notes), alankār (patterns), bhajans (devotional songs), tāl (rhythm), a mantra, and a complete composition in Rāg Bhupali.

Intro to Dhrupad (3 month course online)

Dhrupad is the oldest form of classical music in North India. It is an ancient spiritual practice said to have originated in the Sama Veda, the book on the “Knowledge of Melody, which include yogic techniques. This is an introductory course to start your Dhrupad journey.

10 Day Audio Course on Mantra

Mantra are revealed sacred sounds that help with personal transformation and raising our consciousness. When pronounced and sung correctly, the sounds are powerful tools to assist us in our life journey.

Ongoing Rāga Classes (3 month course online)

Discover a new raga each course along with compositions and/or bhajans that go along with the raga. Each course will be dedicated to a different rāga.

Creating Divine Connection (10 day audio course)

Two of the best ways to experience bhakti (divine connection and love) is through listening to stories (śravanam) and singing (kirtanam). Join me in this 10 day audio course, where I relate a story of one of the hindu deities each day, to make a connection to the divine. Then, I will teach and sing a song (bhajan / kirtan) that relates to the deity.

Learn a Bhajan a Month

Repeating a divine name is said to be the easiest way to reach liberation in this age, so what better way than in the form of song. Each month I will present a new song from my tradition so you can learn and sing it in your personal practice. Drop-in anytime.

This is part of my service for which partial proceeds will go to help “Sol Community Education Society."

This is a society dedicated to improving the wellbeing of children and their families living in poverty, through education and participation with the community.

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